Space Pictures

This page is dedicated to the astronauts who did not return.

  1. Last Shuttle Lift Off - the space shuttle Atlantis lifts off from Kennedy Space Center for the last time during NASA's final space shuttle mission on July 8, 2011, seen from left just as the shuttle ascends over the launch pad. Picture by Chad J. McNeeley, USN.

  2. Space Shuttle - the space shuttle Discovery, attached on the back of a 747 transport aircraft flying it to museum after being retired from active service after 39 space flights, seen from below right. Picture by Jason M. Graham, USN.

  3. Earthrise - the rising half Earth, bright blue and white, over the surface of the moon below, seen from the Apollo 8 spacecraft as it circled the moon. Picture by NASA.

  4. Man on the moon - astronaut Buzz Aldrin walks on the surface of the moon during the Apollo 11 mission, the 1st manned landing on the moon. Picture by NASA.

  5. Hurricane from space - a large Hurricane storm, seen from space. Picture by NASA.

  6. Delta II lift off - a Delta II rocket climbing up in the clear blue sky, lifting a satellite to orbit. Picture by Heather R. Shaw, USAF.

  7. Shuttle landing - the space shuttle Atlantis touches down on the runway at Kennedy Space Center, seen from right. Picture by NASA.

  8. Spacewalk - an astronaut floats freely in space, high above the cloud covered ocean below. Picture by NASA.

  9. Earth's horizon - the wonderful blue color of Earth's sun lit horizon and ocean as seen from the International Space Station, with the space shuttle Endeavour docked to it. Picture by NASA.

  10. International Space Station - the International Space Station orbiting over Earth as seen from a nearby space shuttle. Picture by NASA.

  11. Shuttle in space - close up of the sun lit nose and cockpit of the space shuttle Endeavour in space orbit high above the big blue ocean. Picture by NASA.

  12. Land of Fire - tierra del Fuego, the 'Land of Fire' at the southernmost tip of South America, as seen from space, almost entirely covered with bright sun lit snow. Picture by NASA.

  13. Shuttle on Jumbo Jet - the space shuttle Endeavour on top of a modified Boeing 747 Jumbo Jet which flies it back to Kennedy Space Center, Florida for its next space flight. Picture by D. Keith Simmons, USN.

  14. Moon lander - The moon lander spacecraft, seen from above while maneuvering in space, high above the ocean, during the test flights before the 1969 journey to the Moon.

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