Water Pictures

  1. Lava And Sea - hot volcanic lava raises a cloud of steam as it flows into the sea, as seen from a nearby boat. Picture by NOAA.

  2. Nelson Bay - pristine landscape at Nelson Bay, Alaska, on a serene clear late summer morning. Picture by NOAA.

  3. Sunlight and Shade - a forested coastal slope and the deep blue sea are both sunlit and shaded as the sun goes lower at the late afternoon of a summer day.

  4. Just the sea 1 - just the sea, in deep and deeper blue, with summer afternoon breeze, seen from a high overlooking cliff. Perfect as a clear blue screen background picture, but a natual one.

  5. Shoreline - bays, peninsulas, an island and islets, green slopes and deep blue water, along the east coast of Spain.

  6. Vertical Cliff - a high near vertical rock cliff overlooking the sea below, with trees growing diagonally on it.

  7. Busy Bay - a busy day at a small bay near Naples, Italy, with speed boats and yachts leaving white wakes on the deep blue water, seen from a high overlooking cliff.

  8. Just the sea 2 - just the sea, with light summer breeze at noon, seen from a high steep overlooking cliff. Perfect as a clear blue screen background picture, but a natual one.

  9. Reflection 1 - a rugged mountain with some snow at its summit is perfectly reflected in mirror like lake in Alaska. Picture by Amy Uhrin, NOAA.

  10. Reflection 2 - mirror like reflection of clear blue sky and snow covered mountains in a deep blue fjord in Alaska. Picture by Mandy Lindeberg, NOAA.

  11. Floating Ice - white and blue ice floating on dark blue water lit by low polar sun near Antarctica. Picture by Valerie Loeb, NOAA.

  12. Ice Tunnels - a view inside tunnels of blue ice in an iceberg, lit by the sun from above. Picture by Aleria Jensen, NOAA.

  13. Upright Iceberg - a particularly upright iceberg. Picture by Amy Van Cise, NOAA.

  14. Guam Coastline - turquoise and blue water, white foam, and black coral rock, in Guam's coastline. Picture by David Burdick, NOAA.

  15. Snow on tree - bright sun light lits a leafless tree heavy with fresh snow. Picture by Albert Theberge, NOAA.

  16. Big Sur 1 - ocean and coastline cliffs at Big Sur near Bixby Canyon Bridge, California. Picture by Robert Schwemmer, NOAA.

  17. Arctic Sunrise - the sun rises over endless thin ice floes floating on the perfectly still water of the arctic ocean. Picture by Pablo Clemente-Colon, NOAA.

  18. Old Faithful - the Old Faithful Geyser in Yellowstone National Park, erupting white sun lit water steam under clear blue sky. Picture by David Goodrich, NOAA.

  19. Oregon coast - shadowed cliffs and rocks in the ocean, ripples, and bright sun light reflections, at Oregon's pacific coast line. Picture by Michael Theberge, NOAA.

  20. Superior sunrise - a colorful sunrise over Lake Superior, near black rocks seen in the foreground. Picture by Mark Stacey, NOAA.

  21. Blue Ice Tunnel - a large underwater tunnel in the arctic ice, off the northern coast of Alaska. Picture by NOAA.

  22. Reflection 3 - partly cloudy afternoon sky and forest are perfectly reflected by the water of a lake. Picture by USFWS.

  23. Reflection 4 - trees on a hill and dark blue sky are perfectly reflected in mirror flat lake water. Picture by USFWS.

  24. Cape of Good Hope - the Cape of Good Hope protruding into the windy ocean, seen from a nearby higher cliff. The cape marks the south west corner of South Africa.

  25. Underwater Sun - the bright sun high in the sky, as seen from several meters deep under the ocean's surface. Picture by Kori Melvin, USN.

  26. Greenland iceberg - a tall and steep white iceberg in Greenland is reflected by deep blue sea water. Picture by Dan Rea, USAF.

  27. Blue coves - the winding shoreline of the bay of Kotor, in Montenegro, is dotted with beautiful blue coves and small villages, over a background of high green mountains. Picture by Hans Schreuder.

  28. Kotor Bay - the beautiful bay of Kotor, Montenegro, as seen from an overlooking mountain viewpoint. That's just the most inland part of this long winding bay. Picture by Hans Schreuder.

  29. Green cove - the deep green of the trees at its opposite side, is reflected in the water of a circuar cove on the shore of the Adriatic sea, near Sveti Stefan, Montenegro. Picture by Hans Schreuder.

  30. White rock, blue water - a near vertical white rock wall of a shoreline hill is surrounded by flat blue water from three sides. Picture by Hans Schreuder.

  31. Blue Bay - a long wide and winding fjord like blue bay surrounded by green mountains in beautiful Montenegro. Picture by Hans Schreuder.

  32. Blue Lake - a beautiful winding blue lake perfectly reflecting the green mountains around it, at Lake Skadarsko, Montenegro. Picture by Hans Schreuder.

  33. Sea cliff - dark blue sea water and white spray where the Adriatic sea meets the rocky ground. Picture by Ira Smirnov.

  34. Turquoise lake 1 - A rock cliff and trees are reflected in the turquoise water of a small lake. Picture by Ira Smirnov.

  35. Turquoise lake 2 - various shades of turquoise and light blue in a lake which reflects the wooded hill behind it. Picture by Ira Smirnov.

  36. Deep blue lake - deep blue color on the calm surface of a lake in a wooded area. Picture by Ira Smirnov.

  37. Small Island - a steep rocky island lit by the sunset in the deep blue water off the mountainous coast of Montenegro seen in the background. Picture by Hans Schreuder.

  38. Blue River - the wide and blue Orwell river flows in a lush green rural area and under clear blue sky near Ipswich, East England. Picture by Hans Schreuder.

  39. Overlooking the sea - a sunny day's view to the blue sea and the horizon from a high observation point in an ancient fortress on a seaside cliff.

  40. Perfect Reflection - absolutely perfect mirror reflection of rocks from the flat water of the pools at the southern part of the Dead Sea.

  41. Reflections 1 - Trees reflected almost perfectly in the calm deep blue water at the corner of a lake. Picture by Ira Smirnov.

  42. Hurricane wave - amazingly high giant white wave with spray during a hurricane on the North coast of Puerto Rico. Picture by NOAA.

  43. Icicles - close up of icicles in a frozen waterfall. Picture by Vitaly Fainitsky (contact directly for full size original or print).

  44. Big Sur 2 - looking North along the Big Sur coastline early in the morning, Big Sur, California. Picture by NOAA.

  45. Almost an island - a pristine beach connects a steep dark rocky hill in the ocean to the mainland, Big Sur, California. Picture by NOAA.

  46. Vladivostok Bay 1 - sparkling sunlight reflected from the water in the bay of Vladivostok at the southern end of Russia's long far East coast, and a high volcano at the other side of the bay. Picture by NOAA.

  47. Vladivostok Bay 2 - a panoramic view to a different direction over the calm water of the bay of Vladivostok, at the southern end of Russia's Far East coast. Picture by NOAA.

  48. Kayaks at sea - a group of colorful sport kayaks stop to regroup at sea.

  49. Cliffy beach - blue sea, white waves, brown sandstone cliffs and fishermen on a Mediterranean beach.

  50. Mirror reflection - a lake's surface reflects the pattern of the sky, clouds, and sunlight above like a mirror.

  51. Lake - calm lake water like silver, and a line of green trees in the background.

  52. Reflections 2 - trees, lit from the side by the sun, are also reflected by the calm surface of a blue lake. Picture by Natasha Morozov.

  53. Sea Spray - spray and white water are thrown into the air as a large sea wave breaks on a brown rock, with the blue sea and sky in the background. Picture by Natasha Morozov.

  54. Greenland 1 - a deep blue bay with small pieces of floating ice, and dark rugged mountains in the background - summer in the arctic Greenland. Picture by Avihai Diamantov.

  55. Greenland 2 - deep blue water, floating blue and white ice, dark rocky hills, and clear blue sky - summer in the arctic Greenland. Picture by Avihai Diamantov.

  56. Ocean beach - calm deep blue water, dark rocks, and two black cormorants, in Canada's Atlantic coast. Picture by Inna Fainitsky.

  57. River islet - a nice little green islet surrounded by blue water in the Ottawa river in Ottawa, Canada.

  58. Colorful pebbles - a very colorful collection of pebbles picked up on the beach at Gig Harbor, Washington. Picture by NOAA.

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