Sky Pictures

  1. Sky Ablaze - sunlit cloud formation over North Dakota looks as if the sky are ablaze. Picture by NOAA.

  2. Lightning At Sea - a powrful lightning coming down to the sea in front of a low cloud storm front. Picture by NOAA.

  3. Two-Color Lightning - a two-color purple and blue multi-branched lightning crashing down from a ball of bright light in the cloud above. Picture by NOAA.

  4. Multiple Lightnings - multiple concurrent lightnings all across the sky during a severe late summer thunderstorm in North Dakota. Picture by NOAA.

  5. Lightning 1 - a single powerful lightning bolt crashes to earth across a lake at night. Picture by NOAA.

  6. Lightning 2 - a daytime cloud-to-ground lightning in Iowa. Picture by NOAA.

  7. Rainbow 1 - the top of a rainbow over Dutch Harbor, Alaska. Picture by NOAA.

  8. Eye of the storm - the center of circulation of a tropical storm, seen from a high flying weather reconnaissance aircraft above. Picture by Valerie Smock, USAF.

  9. Tornado funnel 1 - a tornado funnel pictured from short distance. The picture is very sharp, which is rare for the extreme conditions so close to a tornado, apparently thanks to a combination of both ground and weather conditions. Picture by USAF.

  10. High Flight - many shades of blue, and scattered high and low white clouds, as winter sun lights the sky from right, high above the ocean. Picture by Wendy Lopedote, USAF.

  11. Rainbow 2 - part of a rainbow, from left top of the picture to bottom right.

  12. Double Rainbow 1 - part of a clear bright rainbow and part of a fainter second rainbow above it.

  13. Clear Sky - the egdes of a pine tree and a passing bird above are at the left and bottom left of the picture, and the rest is just perfectly clear blue sky of a summer afternoon.

  14. Above The Clouds - the view high above the thick cloud cover over northern Europe, lit from right by low afternoon sun. Picture by Inna Fainitsky.

  15. Sun Beams - wide beams of sun light above and below a cloud over the ocean during a tropical afternoon. Picture by Allen Shimada, NOAA.

  16. Strange cloud - a strange white cloud shaped like a large science-fiction spaceship. Picture by Summer Martin, NOAA.

  17. Red Sky - red sky and clouds due to low polar sun light in Antarctica. Picture by Rich Mooi, NOAA.

  18. Waterspout - a spectacular waterspout, a tornado over a body of water, off the coast of Louisiana. Picture by Tim Osborn, NOAA.

  19. Lightning 3 - a big lightning at an evening hour, coming down from near dark storm cloud to the fully dark ground. Picture by NOAA.

  20. Rainbow 3 - a rainbow in light rain over a background of a forested mountain. Picture by Aaron Green, NOAA.

  21. Rainbow at sea - an aircraft carrier sails under a rainbow in the ocean. Picture by James R. Evans, USN.

  22. Desert lightning - an impressive lightning coming down from dark blue gray sky during a storm in the south New Mexico desert. Picture by Edward Aspera Jr, USAF.

  23. Dawn in flight 1 - a thin line of glowing golden light in the horizon, between the light blue high sky and the darkness below.

  24. Dawn in flight 2 - the horizon in the distance glows in gold and red as the sky above and below are still somewhat dark.

  25. Dawn in flight 3 - layers of clouds, still dark, and between and behind them the horizon is brightly glowing with golden sunlight.

  26. Sunrise in flight 1 - the sun rises in the horizon, as seen from an aircraft flying above the clouds.

  27. Sunrise in flight 2 - the sun rises above the clouds in the distant horizon, as seen from a high altitude aircraft.

  28. The Moon at dawn - the bright white half moon at dawn, lit by the rising sun in clear blue sky.

  29. The sky in flight 1 - blue sky, blue ocean, and white and gray clouds, as seen from an aircraft in flight. Picture by NOAA.

  30. The sky in flight 2 - blue sky, blue ocean, and sparse white clouds below, and their shadows on the ocean surface. Picture by NOAA.

  31. Rainbow from above - a perfect double rainbow over the ocean, as seen from an aircraft high above. Picture by NOAA.

  32. In the clouds - deep blue sky and wnite clouds lit by the sun, as seen from an aircraft in flight between the clouds. Picture by NOAA.

  33. Thin line of clouds - a line of white clouds over a thin long island in the blue ocean under blue sky. Picture by NOAA.

  34. Double Rainbow 2 - a spectacular double rainbow at sunset. Picture by NOAA.

  35. Night Lightning 1 - multiple lightning strokes during a nighttime thunderstorm. Picture by NOAA.

  36. Night Lightning 2 - multiple lightning strokes during a nighttime thunderstorm in Oklahoma. Picture by NOAA.

  37. Tornado funnel 2 - Tornado with dust and debris cloud touching the ground. Picture by NOAA.

  38. Tornado funnel 3 - a tornado in its early stage of formation. Picture by NOAA.

  39. Tornado funnel 4 - a thick dark tornado funnel. Picture by NOAA.

  40. Weird clouds - weird looking Mammatus clouds over Tulsa, Oklahoma. Picture by NOAA.

  41. Tornado close-up - about as close as you can get and live to tell. Picture by NOAA.

  42. Beams of sunlight - Bright beams of white sunlight reaching the ground through a hole in a large gray cloud. Picture by Sergey Morozov.

  43. Rainbow 4 - a clear rainbow over a green plain. Picture by Sergey Morozov.

  44. Sunrise over the clouds 1 - a sunrise over the white cloud clover, seen from an aircraft on a flight to Moscow, Russia.

  45. Sunrise over the clouds 2 - a sunrise over the cloud cover down below, with a remote high mountain summit visible above the clouds in the horizon.

  46. Desert clouds - as clouds cover the sky over a desert in a winter afternoon, a ray of sun light still penetrates through a hole in the clouds.

  47. Clear sky - just perfectly clear blue sky. The picture was taken in a sunny winter day, with the camera pointed directly up.

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