Fireworks Pictures

  1. 4th of July - blue white and red fireworks in 4th of July celebration. Picture by Matthew Patton, USN.

  2. Fireworks close up - close up of a purple blue orange and white fireworks explosion, with a golden explosion beside it. Picture by Douglas G. Morrison, USN.

  3. Independence Day - red and blue fireworks explosions over Pearl Harbor. Picture by Mass Communication Specialist 1st Class Dennis C. Cantrell, USN.

  4. Big Red - a big red spherical explosion, almost hiding a blue explosion behind it, during a 4th of July celebration at Pearl Harbor. Picture by Mass Communication Specialist 1st Class Dennis C. Cantrell, USN.

  5. Multiple explosions - three spectacular red explosions, a bright white explosion, a wide golden explosion on top of them, and small golden fireworks below, all in one picture. Picture by Jayme Pastoric, USN.

  6. Independence Day fireworks - multi color fireworks form a round tree of light in the dark sky as they explode over golden brightly lit water during July 4th Independence Day celebrations at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii. Picture by Ryan C. McGinley, USN.

  7. Multiple red explosions - six simultaneous red and orange fireworks explosions together in various sizes and color combinations produce a fantastic fireball.

  8. Multiple gold explosions - six simultaneous golden fireworks explode together in various sizes and colors.

  9. Fireworks fireball - a large multi colored explosion and new explosions in yellow in it, as more rockets go up in trails of fire.

  10. Classic golden fireworks 1 - a large ball of golden fireworks created by multiple simultaneous explosions is lit by the next salvo that explodes in bright gold in its center.

  11. Concentric fireworks - several concentric explosions in various shades of purple red.

  12. Classic golden fireworks 2 - a salvo of classic gold and brown fireworks explode as the next salvo goes up in golden fire.

  13. Many golden bursts - a salvo of fireworks explodes into many tiny fires in gold and brown.

  14. Multi color lines of light - five simultaneous explosions produce many lines of light in orange, red, pink, purple, and white.

  15. Purple and gold fireworks - fireworks explode to lines of light purple as the next salvo goes up behind them and explode in gold.

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