Antarctica Pictures

    Antarctica, the ice-covered continent around the South Pole, is Earth's last continental frontier, the most remote and uninhabited place. Other than the Penguins of course, it is inhabited mostly by scientific researchers, but more recently Antarctica is also visited by cruise tourists who tour Antarctica's unique and undamaged landscapes. The pictures in this page were taken by NOAA researchers.

  1. Night in Antarctica - a bright full moon is reflected in dark blue water between an icy beach and a rocky beach where a single penguin stands. Picture by Wayne Trivelpiece, NOAA.

  2. Mount Erebus - Mount Erebus on Ross Island, Antarctica, the southernmost active volcano on Earth. Picture by NOAA.

  3. Tabular icebergs - Large tabular icebergs floating in the ocean.

  4. Pointed iceberg - a pointed top iceberg, lit from the side by the sun.

  5. Large iceberg 1 - wind blowing ice from the top of a huge iceberg, near Elephant Island, Antarctica.

  6. Large iceberg 2 - purple sky, dark ocean, and a large sunlit tabular iceberg near Elephant Island, Antarctica.

  7. Matterhorn iceberg - a pointed iceberg with a sharp shape like the famous Matterhorn alpine summit.

  8. Icy mountain - a rugged black mountain, lots of ice on it and near it, and clear sky.

  9. Top light - the white peak of an ice-covered black mountain is lit by Antarctica's midnight sun while the rest of the mountain is in shade.

  10. Water channel - an icy water channel between two black and white mountains and under blue sky.

  11. Sandy Ice - a close-up of the South Pole's wind-shaped eternal ice that looks like desert sand, but in wonderful colors and shades of white and blue.

  12. Ice cave - the entrance to an ice cave.

  13. Rugged shoreline - where the frozen ocean meets a very rugged rocky Antarctic shoreline.

  14. South Pole sign - the American sign at Earth's South Pole, with the sun behind it.

  15. South Pole Station - the entrance to the American South Pole science station.

  16. Halo light - weird halo light around the sun in the horizon reflecting off the polar ice.

  17. Lights in the sky - Aurora Australis, the magnificent and weird atmospheric lights phenomena in the South Pole's night sky, as seen over the South Pole station.

  18. Slope - a rugged mountain slope in black and white.

  19. Islands in ice - isolated rugged mountains like islands in Antarctica's endless ice.

  20. Science work - marine biologists sailing in a rubber boat that leaves a very deep blue trail in Antarctica's cold still water and light conditions.

  21. Triangle of ice - the edge of an ice shelf seen like a triangle of ice between water and sky.

  22. Ice wall - an enormous ice shelf at the Bay of Whales.

  23. Flat top mountain - a flat top mountain in the endless ice plain.

  24. Cliffs - rugged cliffs rising from the water along Antarctica's shoreline.

  25. Observation point - deep blue water below, and visibility to well over 100 miles to the horizon, thanks to the extremely dry and cold air.

  26. Blue ice - blue ice phenomena in cracks in an iceberg.

  27. Antarctic panorama - the trans-Antarctic mountain ridge, lit by the sunset, at the point where it meets the ocean, as seen from the ocean.

  28. Beaufort Island - a rugged mountain island rising from the icy ocean.

  29. Tabular iceberg - an enormous rectangular iceberg under very deep blue sky.

  30. Gerlache Strait - steep and rugged mountains rising from the ocean at Gerlache Strait in northern Antarctica.

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