Alaska Pictures

    The pictures in this page were taken by NOAA researchers.

  1. Lituya Bay - rugged dark mountains, snow covered summits, and a thick forest reflected in mirror like turquoise water, at Lituya Bay, Alaska, photographed from a low flying aircraft. Picture by Mandy Lindeberg, NOAA.

  2. Reflection - a snow covered mountain is reflected by near mirror like water in Tutka Bay, Alaska. Picture by Mandy Lindeberg, NOAA.

  3. Mount Shishaldin 1 - Shishaldin Volcano, in the Aleutian Islands chain in Alaska, fully covered with bright sunlit snow and emitting white smoke. Picture by Michael Theberge, NOAA.

  4. Rugged - rugged dark hills in front of a rugged snowy mountain summit in Alaska. Picture by Igor Smolyar, NOAA.

  5. Mount Shishaldin 2 - Shishaldin Volcano, in the Aleutian Islands chain in Alaska, seen from north. Picture by Tom Ward, NOAA.

  6. Alaska in summer - the Jim River Canyon near the Kanuti National Wildlife Refuge, Alaska, in August. Picture by USFWS.

  7. Aurora Borealis - Alaska's sky lit in green by the Aurora Borealis northern lights. Picture by Joshua Strang, USAF.

  8. Arctic sunrise 1 - october sun rising at the distant horizon, as seen in the Arctic Circle from a surfaced submarine on a scientifie data collection mission. Picture by Alphonso Braggs, USN.

  9. Katmai Crater - a fantastic aerial view of the Katmai Crater in Southwest Alaska, lit by the sun from the side.

  10. Mountain lake - a blue lake between mountains and under blue sky in the Alaska Peninsula.

  11. Arctic sunrise 2 - the sun rises over North Alaska's arctic plain.

  12. Mountains and water - steep mountains covered with snow and trees and calm cold water in Little Port Walter, Alaska Southeast.

  13. Water like mirror 1 - a mountain ridge covered with snow and forest, lit from left by the morning sun, is also reflected in still water.

  14. Water like mirror 2 - two mountains reflected in calm deep blue water in Port Frederick, Alaska Southeast.

  15. Glacier - the giant Mendenhall Glacier in Southeast Alaska, slowly advancing down to the ocean.

  16. Alaska lakes - an aerial view of a deep blue lakes between mountains, Alaska Southeast.

  17. Glacier path - a panoramic low-altitude aerial view of a giant glacier's winding path down from the mountains to the ocean.

  18. Rugged mountain - a view upwards from sea level, of an awesome steep rugged dark mountain.

  19. Riggs Glacier 1 - blue ice in Riggs Glacier at the East end of Muir Inlet, Alaska Southeast.

  20. Glacier close-up - a close-up of the white and blue ice at the margin of a glacier where ice meets rock.

  21. Pyramid mountain - a pyramid shaped mountain with a small cloud just around its top and the sun hidden behind the top, a view from Lynn Canal., Alaska Southeast.

  22. Riggs Glacier 2 - blue ice and blue water at the end of Riggs Glacier, Muir Inlet, Glacier Bay, Alaska.

  23. Reflections - mountain slopes from two sides reflected in the deep blue water of Tenakee Inlet, Southeast Alaska.

  24. White volcano 1 - Augustine Volcano in Lower Cook Inlet, Southwest Alaska.

  25. White volcano 2 - an aerial view of of the steam releasing ice covered summit of Augustine Volcano, Southwest Alaska.

  26. Steaming crater - an aerial view of a rugged brown steaming volcanic crater with white ice around in Katmai, Southwest Alaska.

  27. Mount St. Elias - Mount St. Elias, one of the tallest mountains visible from sea (18000ft) , as seen from Icy Bay, South Central Alaska.

  28. Frozen ocean - winter sea ice terrain in Beaufort Sea, Alaska.

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