Tulip Pictures

Tulip flowers are perhaps the most well known for their beauty, and Dutch tulips are the best. Here are some selected pictures of tulips from Holland's Keukenhof park, where millions of tulips and other flowers blossom every spring. The pictures in this page are by Natasha and Sergey Morozov.

  1. Pink tulip - a close-up from above of a blossoming pink tulip with thin white edges and a white center, 1024x768

  2. Orange tulips - a close-up of a group of blossoming but not fully open orange tulips growing in lines, 1024x768

  3. Red white tulips - a group of red pink tulips with large white centers, seen from above, 1024x768

  4. Pink purple tulip - a close-up from above to one fully blossoming pink purple tulip flower, with a yellow and white center, 1024x768

  5. Tulip lines - lines of dark red tulips and white tulips end up at a wall of purple flowers, 1024x768

  6. Orange tulip - a close-up from above of a semi open orange tulip flower, 1024x768

  7. Purple tulips - a close-up of semi open pink purple tulip flowers, 1024x768

  8. Tulips 4 - groups of orange, red, pink tulips seperated by purple Lavender flowers, 1024x768

  9. Keukenhof 2 - a pathway in the Keukenhof park, with dark red, light red, yellow tulips to the left, and a carpet of blue flowers followed by red tulips to the right, 1024x768

  10. Keukenhof park corner - a corner in the Keukenhof tulips park, with plenty of red and pink tulips, and plenty other flowers and colors around, 1024x768

  11. Tulips 3 - a close-up of white purple tulips, with pink red and orange tulips in the background, 1024x768

  12. Tulips 2 - close-up of interlaced lines of red tulips and lines of yellow tulips, all blossoming, 1024x768

  13. Tulips 1 - groups of orange, yellow, red blossoming tulips, 1024x768

  14. Yellow Open - a yellow tulip with its petals partially opened. Picture by Vitaly Fainitsky (contact directly for full size original or print), 1024x768 , 1280x1024

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