Fish and Marine Life Pictures

  1. Orange fireworm - close up of an Orange fireworm on a red coral. Picture by NOAA.

  2. Peacock flounder - close up of the head and eyes of a Peacock flounder (Bothus lunatus) fish, seen from front. Picture by NOAA.

  3. Brain coral - close up of a large Brain coral. Picture by NOAA.

  4. Giant Anemone - a Giant Caribbean Sea Anemone ( Condylactis gigantea ) with pink purple edged tentacles. Picture by NOAA.

  5. Beaded Seastar - close up of a white and orange Beaded Seastar on the sea floor. Picture by NOAA.

  6. Red Lionfish - close up of a large Red Lionfish ( Pterois volitans ), seen from right. Picture by NOAA.

  7. Sea Hare - close up of a pink-purple Sea Hare, which looks like a sea anemone but is actually a very large sea slug. Picture by NOAA.

  8. Lionfish - a red Lionfish over a large pink coral.

  9. Butterflyfish - a blue and yellow striped Butterflyfish near a coral.

  10. Coral trees - tree-shaped corals lit by the soft sun light a few meters under the sea surface.

  11. Fish over corals - fish swimming over corals.

  12. Hammerhead Shark - a hammerhead shark passing just under the ocean surface, seen from above through the blue transparent water. Picture by NOAA.

  13. Flat sea worm - a pink purple flat sea worm with white dots and red and yellow 'margins'. Picture by NOAA.

  14. Starfish - the red and white bottom side of a starfish. Picture by NOAA.

  15. Coral polyps - close-up of live coral polyps. Picture by NOAA.

  16. Anemone fish 1 - a yellow and black anemone fish with blue side stripes over a blue background of water.

  17. Anemone fish 2 - a close-up of an anemone fish over a blue background of water.

  18. Freckled Frogfish - a close-up of a strange looking red Freckled Frogfish.

  19. Sohal Surgeonfish 1 - a beautifully colored Sohal Surgeonfish near corals, being approached by a Cleaner Wrasse fish.

  20. Sohal Surgeonfish 2 - a Sohal Surgeonfish being cleaned by two Cleaner Wrasse fish.

  21. Sohal Surgeonfish 3 - a Sohal Surgeonfish waves Hi.

  22. Brain Coral - a brain coral.

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