Dogs And Puppies Pictures

  1. Wet Dog Fun 1 - a black-faced brown German Shepherd, sitting leg deep in water at the beach, seen from front right during Military Working Dog training. Picture by Alex Echols, USAF.

  2. Wet Dog Fun 2 - a black dog running in leg deep water on the beach, seen from right. Picture by Alex Echols, USAF.

  3. German Shepherd - a black and brown German Shepherd dog running with an orange ball in its mouth, seen from front. Picture by Katie Gar Ward, USAF.

  4. Labrador Retriever - a white Labrador Retriever dog, seen from left, standing on a rock over a small natural pool and considers hopping into it.

  5. Wet Dog Fun 3 - a small brown and white dog, its tail upright, and up to its belly in water sprayed from above, having fun with its floating ball. Picture by Inna Fainitsky.

  6. Sled dogs - a column of sled dogs shortly before ending a 12 day race across Alaska, in which they covered 1150 miles, almost 100 miles per day. Picture by Keith Brown, USAF.

  7. Dog training - an explosives detection dog jumps through a window during a training session. Picture by Paul Farley, USN.

  8. German Shepherd Puppy - close up on the head of a German Shepherd puppy basking in the sun with its eyes closed.

  9. Dog with Cyclamen flowers - a big white brown dog on a background of blossoming rare white and purple Cyclamen flowers.

  10. Beach sculpture - a sculpture of a long eared dog lying on a big bone with its doghouse and bowl behind, all made of beach sand.

  11. Dog at beach - a brown and white dog, tail up, having fun knee deep in sea water at the beach.

  12. Smiling Dog - a big white and brown dog, smiling with a big pink tongue, seen from right, lit by the afternoon sun.

  13. Dog on deep snow - a dog lying on deep white snow looking to its left, lit from the side by the sun at dusk. Picture by Natasha Morozov.

  14. Dog in water - a black and brown dog walking in a pond to fetch a thrown stick.

  15. Midday nap at work - a big brown Labrador dog comfortably resting on an armchair in a rural hotel's reception office where it is a staff member.

  16. Curly and red flowers - a curly white dog playing in the sun in a field dense with blossoming red flowers.

  17. Curly white dog - a close-up on the same dog.

  18. Fetch 1 - Stefan, a brown and black dog, fetching a Eucalyptus stick from a water pond.

  19. Fetch 2 - a closer picture of Stefan fetching a stick from the water.

  20. Fetch 3 - a picture from the side of Stefan, fetching a piece of Eucalyptus wood from the water pond.

  21. Running - a golden brown dog with wet feet and tail enjoys running near a water pond.

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