SR-71 Blackbird Pictures

The SR-71 Blackbird is one of the most awesome and remarkable aircraft in the history of aviation, and some of its world records for speed and performance remain unchallenged since the 1970s.

  1. SR-71 over mountains - a NASA SR-71 Blackbird over the snowy Sierra Nevada mountains, seen from front and above. Picture by NASA, 1024x768 , 1280x1024

  2. Blackbird high - a SR-71 Blackbird at high altitude over land, seen from front and above. Picture by Michael Haggerty, USAF, 1024x768 , 1280x1024

  3. SR-71 NASA 1 - a close-up of a SR-71 Blackbird as it ascends to the clear sky with full afterburners and "diamonds" of fire in its purple afterburner plumes, to a NASA research flight in the high atmosphere, 1024x768

  4. SR-71 NASA 2 - another picture of the same Blackbird, showing the full length of its afterburners fire "diamonds" plumes, 1024x767

  5. SR-71 hot - an awesome close-up from front of the Blackbird's unique flying saucer like shape and its two enormous engines, over a background of blurred hot air, as it taxis for takeoff, 1024x768

  6. Blackbird 5 - SR-71 Blackbird seen from below over the blue sky background, 1175x755

  7. Blackbird 6 - SR-71 Blackbird on the runway, seen from front, 640x480

  8. Blackbird 2 - SR-71 Blackbird with turbulence and engine flame, 649x384

  9. Blackbird 3 - SR-71 Blackbird on the runway, seen from above front, 586x371

  10. Blackbird 4 - a trainer version SR-71 Blackbird used by NASA, taking off with "diamonds" of fire in its afterburner flames, 602x359

  11. Blackbird 1 - a front view of a SR-71 Blackbird on display, 694x474

    Other special military aircraft

  12. Air Force One - the U.S. presidential plane, Air Force One, takes off. Picture by Daniel J. McLain, USN, 1024x768 , 1280x1024

  13. Air Force One 2 - the Air Force One climbing steeply into the sky after takeoff, seen from behind. Picture by Daniel J. McLain, USN, 1024x768 , 1280x1024

  14. NASA B-52 - NASA's B-52B air launch mother aircraft takes off, carrying under its right wing a large Pegasus rocket booster with an X-43A hypersonic flight research vehicle attached to it. Picture by Tom Tschida, NASA, 1024x768 , 1280x1024

  15. U-2 spyplane - a black U-2 Dragon Lady spyplane, seen from left over a sun lit horizon to horizon cloud cover, 800x522

  16. X-15 in flight - a rare historic picture of the black missile-shaped hypersonic speed X-15 experimental aircraft in flight, seen from left, high over the Mojave Desert, 1024x713

  17. ABL takeoff 1 - The ABL, a Boeing 747-400 carrying a powerful anti-missile laser gun turret, climbs after a takeoff at dawn, 1024x768

  18. ABL takeoff 2 - A close-up from front left of the ABL just after takeoff, 1024x768

  19. Predator UAV - a close-up of a Predator UAV (unmanned aircraft) at takeoff, armed with a laser-guided Hellfire missile, 1024x768

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