Russian Fighter Pictures
Su-27 Flanker, Mig-29, Other Mig Fighters

  1. Su-30K Flanker - a Russian made Sukhoi Su-30K Flanker fighter of the Indian Air Force lands at its base, seen from front left with its front wheel still in the air and its air brake extracted. Picture by Keith Brown, USAF, 1024x768 , 1280x1024

  2. Mig 29 firing - a Mig 29 Fulcrum of the German Air Force firing a uniquely shaped AA-10 Alamo air to air missile over the sea. Picture by Michael Ammons, USAF, 1024x768 , 1280x1024

  3. Fencer flyby - a Russian Su-24 Fencer attack aircraft making an overhead low flyby. Picture by Michael Sandberg, USN, 1024x768 , 1280x1024

  4. Crash 1 - a Mig-29 broken in half and turned into a fireball following a collision in mid air, 692x470

  5. F-7 - a Chinese F-7 / Mig 21 releasing yellow smoke trails, 620x400

  6. Flanker 1 - a Su-27 Flanker landing, seen from below, 750x460

  7. Flanker 2 - a Su-27 Flanker, turning, seen from front, 750x582

  8. Flanker 3 - a very close bottom rear view of a Su-27 Flanker from the cockpit of another Flanker. The airstrip is seen below, 638x478

  9. Mig 17 - a Polish Mig 17, armed with rockets, on the ground, 653x275

  10. Mig 23 IAF - a Mig 23 with Syrian and Israeli markings (the pilot defected) in the Israel Air Force museum, 595x387

  11. Mig 27 - a Mig 27 ground attack fighter, on the runway, seen from front, 592x396

  12. Mig 27 - a very close view of a Mig 27 on the runway, 536x426

  13. Mig-29 1 - a Mig-29 on the ground, 591x395

  14. Mig-29 3 - a Mig-29, armed with six air-to-air missiles, climbing, 599x426

  15. Mig-29 4 - a steep takeoff of a Mig-29, 640x480

  16. Mig-29 5 - a rare close view of a Mig-29 with afterburners, seen from behind, 9640x480

  17. Su-24 - a Su-24 Fencer, the F-111 counterpart, in flight, seen from left, 634x413

  18. Yak-141 - a Yak-141 VTOL aircraft taking off, normally, with afterburner, seen from behind, 637x478

  19. Flanker 4 - two Su-27 Flanker, same color as the sky, in a tight formation, 638x478

  20. Flanker 5 - a Su-27 Flanker of the Russian aerobatic team, on the ground, seen from right, 638x478

  21. Flanker 6 - a two seat Su-27 Flanker of the Russian aerobatic team, seen from front, 638x478

  22. Crash 2 - the pilot ejecting from a broken Mig-29 fireball after a collision, 686x476

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