Blue Angels

  1. Diamond formation - four F-18 Hornets of the U.S. Navy's Blue Angels team in a tight diamond formation, seen from below. Picture by Leah Stiles, USN.

  2. Echelon formation - four Blue Angels F-18s in a tight echelon formation, looking as if they were one aircraft with eight wings, seen from left. Picture by Gin Kai, USN.

  3. Blue Angel solo pass - a close-up of a single Blue Angels F-18 aircraft making a low flyby pass, seen from right. Picture by Saul McSween, USN.

  4. Diamond formation - four Blue Angels F-18 fighters turning in a tight diamond formation with smoke trails. Picture by Ryan J. Courtade, USN.

  5. Formation dive - six Blue Angels F-18 Hornets diving down in formation from the clear blue sky from left to right with white smoke trails, passing overhead. Picture by Julian T. Olivari, USN.

  6. Blue Angel - a close-up picture of a single Blue Angels F-18 making a very low fast flyby, seen from front and right. Picture by Mark Rebilas, USN.

  7. Tower Flyby - four Blue Angels F-18 Hornets turning left in a very tight diamond formation at low altitude just above the control tower. Picture by Darryl Herring, USN.

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